Removing tension from facial muscles

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We tend to hold emotional stress in our face particularly in the jaw and at the temples , and eventually the tension can create patterns, leading to pain and possibly even sagging skin, according to Heidi Frederick of New York—based FaceLove. Take a long, warm shower, allowing the therapeutic pressure of the water to cascade over your neck, back, and shoulders. Have a yoga mat, a hot towel, and a jade roller or ice cubes on hand. Standing on your yoga mat, take a deep breath; swan-dive down to a forward fold. Hang in that position for thirty to sixty seconds—or longer if you can.
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How to Relieve Emotional Tension in the Face

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3 Easy Ways to Relax Your Facial Muscles - wikiHow

Progressive Muscle Relaxation teaches you how to relax your muscles through a two-step process. First, you systematically tense particular muscle groups in your body, such as your neck and shoulders. Next, you release the tension and notice how your muscles feel when you relax them. This exercise will help you to lower your overall tension and stress levels, and help you relax when you are feeling anxious. It can also help reduce physical problems such as stomachaches and headaches, as well as improve your sleep. Through practice you can learn to distinguish between the feelings of a tensed muscle and a completely relaxed muscle.
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A Face-Massage Protocol to Ease Stress

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Our facial expressions mirror our emotions and they often do so without us even knowing it. While this helps us communicate, it also means that our face tends to carry the signs and stress of our inner emotional life. Luckily, there are many ways to help relax these important muscles, ranging from whole-body approaches to minimize systemic stress to specific facial exercises that will help you release tension. To relax your facial muscles, give yourself a massage by making small, gentle, circular motions in each area of your face with your fingers.
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