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Competition among conspecific males for fertilizing the ova is one of the mechanisms of sexual selection, i. Sperm competition represents the competition between males after copulating with the same female 2 , in which their sperm are coincidental in time and space. This phenomenon has been reported in multiple species of plants and animals 3. For example, wild-caught D. The sperm are stored in specialized organs with limited storage capacity, which might lead to the direct competition of the sperm from different males 2,5.
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Assessing Differences in Sperm Competitive Ability in Drosophila

Earlier research by W. Rice showed that experimentally limiting gene expression to males in Drosophila melanogaster leads to the rapid evolution of higher fitness. Using a similar male-limited ML selection protocol, we confirmed that result and showed that eliminating intralocus sexual conflict results in a comprehensive remodeling of the sexually dimorphic phenotype. However, despite starting from laboratory-evolved descendants of the same founder population used in earlier work, we found no evidence for the increased performance in sperm competition or increased postmating harm to females previously demonstrated. We employed females with both ancestral population genotypes and those of the special "clone generator" females used in ML selection. Despite strong differences in sperm storage or usage patterns between these females, there was no detectable adaptation by males to the specific female stock used in the selection protocol. The lack of evolution of postcopulatory traits suggests either that requisite genetic variation was eliminated by long-term domestication of the base population, or that complex male-by-male-by-female interactions made these traits unavailable to selection.
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Something in Sperm Makes Female Fruit Flies Super Aggressive After Sex

In contrast to early predictions, it is now widely accepted that males incur substantive costs from ejaculate production. Hence, males are predicted to allocate their reproductive investments, including ejaculate size, relative to the risk of sperm competition and to female quality. The study of sperm allocation, however, has been technically challenging with nonvirgin females because sperm from different males must be discriminated within the female reproductive tract.
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Sperm turns female fruit flies into crazed aggressors after sex, making them head-butt and kick virgin fruit flies to get more food. Scientists discovered a specific peptide in fruit fly seminal fluid is directly involved in the observed behavior changes seen in fruit flies after sex, and they say the findings could have implications for mammal behavior—potentially even for humans. Sex, pregnancy and rearing offspring is known to lead to heightened aggression among the females of many species— a bear with cubs, for example, is particularly dangerous, especially if she feels threatened.
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