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Four-stroke engine

There are 4 stages:. Intake Suck — Air is smoothed and introduced in a controlled manner Compression Squeeze — The Air is compressed which increases the heat and pressure. Combustion Bang — The compressed air is mixed with atomized fuel which causes the mixture to burn; the pressure and temperature both increase as does the velocity of the gases. Exhaust Blow — Kinetic energy from the high energy exhaust gases push past the turbine blades which converts the kinetic energy into torque and transmitted through the internal shaft to the fan blades in the compressor in order to repeat the cycle, then the gases are purged.
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A four-stroke also four-cycle engine is an internal combustion IC engine in which the piston completes four separate strokes while turning the crankshaft. A stroke refers to the full travel of the piston along the cylinder, in either direction. The four separate strokes are termed:. Nikolaus August Otto was a traveling salesman for a grocery concern. In his travels, he encountered the internal combustion engine built in Paris by Belgian expatriate Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir.
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