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Although the superstition of days past has largely faded away, the tradition comes from an old belief that dolls could contain bad spirits and unfortunate luck. The dolls of ancient Japan around years ago were made of straw and paper and floated on streams to take this bad fortune far away. For any Ghibli fans, this is also said to be the origin of the paper dolls that make a brief appearance in Spirited Away. For those lucky enough to travel in Japan during February — when nearly every day is sunny, the skies are clear, and the tourists sites less crowded than any other time of year — large sets of Hina Dolls can be found throughout the country in restaurants, shops, homes and even in train stations. As might be expected, each of the different dolls has a particular position and r epresents something and someone. The two on top represent the Emperor and Empress, on the second tier are three court ladies, the third has five male musicians with their various instruments, the fourth platform has two ministers on it but is also commonly decorated with small tables and stands of rice cakes, on the fifth — and generally final — platform are three protectors of the Emperor and Empress one sad, one angry and one in good spirits.
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The Uses of Japanese Dolls

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Miss Osaka - Japanese Friendship Doll

There are various types of traditional dolls , some representing children and babies, some the imperial court, warriors and heroes, fairy-tale characters, gods and rarely demons, and also people of the daily life of Japanese cities. Many have a long tradition and are still made today, for household shrines, for formal gift-giving, or for festival celebrations such as Hinamatsuri , the doll festival, or Kodomo no Hi , Children's Day. Some are manufactured as a local craft, to be purchased by pilgrims as a souvenir of a temple visit or some other trip. Expert Alan Pate notes that temple records refer to the making of a grass doll to be blessed and thrown into the river at Ise Shrine in 3 BC; the custom was probably even more ancient, but it is at the root of the modern doll festival or Hinamatsuri. In the early eleventh century, around the peak of the Heian period , several types of dolls had already been defined, as known from Lady Murasaki's novel The Tale of Genji. Girls played with dolls and doll houses; women made protective dolls for their children or grandchildren; dolls were used in religious ceremonies, taking on the sins of a person whom they had touched. They are good-luck charms and symbols of perseverance and resilience.
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Hinamatsuri: Japan’s Girls’ Day Celebration

Japanese dolls are woven into Japanese history and culture in many fascinating ways. What is play? What is a toy? Is there a continuity between the uses of objects in adult culture and their uses by children?
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The Newark Museum New Jersey When the 58 Japanese doll messengers were ready to set sail for the United States in , each doll went to her prefecture or city for an official farewell. Before an audience of Japanese and American residents at Osaka, a lovely little Japanese girl made a formal presentation of Miss Osaka to a little representative girl from the United States. The little Japanese girls wrote a poem that was read at this party: Farewell, Miss Osaka, Long-sleeved and almond-eyed; The long boat-ride of the messenger afar Must be lonely.
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