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Smelly stink bugs aren't the only critters trying to crawl into your home this fall. Asian lady beetles are also looking for warm shelter right now— and infesting houses across the country as a result. Places in the South and Midwest are currently experiencing large swarms as the pests invade buildings looking for spots to overwinter. Even worse, if you crush the little intruders they can emit a yucky odor and even stain surfaces with a yellow fluid that acts as a defense mechanism. While they're commonly called ladybugs, Harmonia axyridis is actually a specific species within the lady beetle family native to Asia.
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How to keep Asian Lady Beetles out of your house

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Asian Lady Beetle Infestation of Structures | Entomology

Large numbers of lady beetles ladybugs infesting homes and buildings in the United States were first reported in the early s. Ladybugs normally are considered beneficial since they live outdoors and feed on plant pests. Once inside they crawl about on windows, walls, attics, etc. In many areas of the U. The beetle is native to Asia e. The first field populations in the United States were found in Louisiana in Since then the beetle has expanded its range to include much of the U.
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Asian Lady Beetles Are Invading Homes Right Now: Here's How to Get Rid of Them

Suddenly, lady beetles seem slightly less attractive when they are crawling up your laundry room wall and falling from the ceiling. Something about sharing space with any kind of beetle — lady or not — seems grubby. Fortunately, I missed the perennial stink bug infestation. However, missing out on stink bugs must be an open invitation for Asian Lady Beetles.
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Pest Wiki. The Asian beetle is just another term used for ladybugs , those tiny red insects with black spots on their backs. Found all over the world, these bugs are typically a welcomed sight in gardens and farms. But not all species of this beetle are beneficial — some are destructive. And even the harmless kind can gather in hundreds near your home when temperatures cool off, waiting to hibernate in your home.
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